I am Updating My Store

HELLO! I am updating my store now since my Photoshop finally started to work again. We´ll see how far I´ll get today. It started to snow this morning and the snow is deep which my dog loves, so I just might take a long freezing walk with him.

Here are a few prints that are available in my shop!!!


It´s Open!!!

Hi there!  My shop has now opened!

I have listed only a few products but more is coming! You will be able to buy my original paintings there, but also art prints of my illustrations. I hope you will enjoy it!

I post three illustrations that I already have listed for sale in art print form under this text.



Working on my new shop


This week is my dog and me at home working on my Etsy shop as I hope I will be able to list products on next week. I´ll start selling my art and prints. 🙂 I look so much forward to it!!! Hope you will enjoy it.

These pictures at my dog named Tore has nothing to do with my shop, he´s just cute.




My activity on this blogg haven´t been the greatest the last year couple of months. I do want to post but I just keep procrastinating everything. I don´t know how much to tell about my situation since I don´t know in which proportion I want to run this blog. I don´t know if I want to have it just for showing my pictures and arts or combine it with my everyday life and thoughts.


Here´s an illustration I drew today.

I hope to get some sense to this soon.