#4 Spell


This is the result of this years´Inktober #4 Spell. Here -> Is me making the illustration


Creative autumn


Hello! Hope you are all well! The days fly by and I have a great time writing, sketching, drawing- in many ways creating and experiments with things. I love these days. I believe autumn is guilty of this creative boost every year.

My third Inktober video is now up on youtube… I learn about film making a little bit at a time.

The third video

Inktober 2018

Hello! I´m participating in Inktober this year. My goal with this is to learn how to not fear the action of drawing and that it is nothing wrong with smaller errors or that I´m not a bad artist just because it doesn´t turn out the way I want. Sometimes you just have to learn that you can´t do everything and you will certaintly not be able to as much if you don´t try and challange yourself, enabling yourself to develop, in this case as an artist.

I also hav a fear of showing thing I make. I affraid of you don´t liking things I´ve done, but I´m most affraid of making things I don´t like myself. . So I challange myself this month to post a youtube video of every Inktobre challange, 31 of them.  And I already want to excuse myself for the bad quality in everything, but I´m not going to do that!! So here you go!

First video


The way of nature

Hello Everyone!

It´s warm here this summer. Haven´t been able to almost do anything. I am trying to get new ideas for upcoming artwork. I have one almost finished collection that I am currently planning around in details. I have one other that is in the middle of production.

The winter was long, the spring short, and then came the heat. And now it´s burning, and it feels like it will never stop. Longing for autumn and just a little bit of darkness but most of all, rain. You can feel how attached to the weather humans are when the weather turn this extreme. Its hard to be in some way defeated, but soothing to know we in fact are real, one with nature.



Walk In a Wildlife Preserve


My mother, fiance, dog and I where out the other day for a walk i a particularly nature reserve here South of Kalmar. It was a warm, Beautiful day. I love these kind of Days, when the air is still and soft and I can enjoy just picking up my camera and peacefully walk in the inviting nature.


Greeting from me! Have a nice day!